Real Substrate Proof

Ultimate Proofing Solution for Packaging

Real Substrate Proof enables proofs to be printed directly on the target production substrate, resulting in a proof that is indistinguishable from the final production run. Exclusive newly developed inks include CMYK/OGB/White and deliver exceptional quality and color gamut. Print on any packaging substrates with 100% Gamut and 100% Confidence.

Proof on final substrates

Developed in partnership with Mutoh, Real Substrate Proof enables production of proofs, prototypes, mock-ups and samples on the final target production substrate.

Looks and feels exactly like the final product

The look and feel and all other physical properties of the substrate are retained, making it possible to create a packaging proof or prototype which cannot be distinguished from the final product. Unlike traditional systems, our proofing system delivers samples and mock-ups that have the exact same look and feel as your finished product.

Covers Pantone Library

The brand new ink set, specifically designed for use with FLEX PACK software, includes CMYK and orange, green and blue and covers nearly 100% of the Pantone Library. It delivers exceptional color quality and gamut.
Making the proofing process faster and more accurate is important in a highly competitive marketplace where quality and time to market are critical to the success of prepress houses and packaging converters, as well as their brand owner customers.

Heiner Mueller, Sales Director Packaging, at CGS ORIS

Real Substrate Proof Benefits
  • Packaging proofs and mock-ups on original substrate
  • Color-accurate simulation of the final product
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Easy to use, with seamless integration into existing environments and any other CGS ORIS applications
The advantages

Improve communication with brand owners thanks to a true representation that looks & feels exactly like their final product. This breakthrough proofing solution is set to transform the way prepress houses and packaging converters produce packaging proofs for their brand owner customers.


your communication with brand owners during the design process and the press approval process.


important competitive advantages as you can provide something very few others can offer.


a great amount of time and money thanks to a shortened approval cycle and no press proof costs.
Watch the videos about our latest solution here and discover how it can help you.

Real Substrate Proof: Revolutionizing Packaging Printing

Join Heiner Müller, Sales Director at CGS ORIS, as he introduces Real Substrate Proof, a groundbreaking solution set to transform the way packaging proofs, samples, and mock-ups are created. In this video, we explore the revolutionary technology behind Real Substrate Proof.

Real Substrate Proof: The Power of Shrink Sleeve Printing

Let us explore the intricacies of printing on shrink sleeves, showcasing how our solution ensures color accuracy and precise distortion control, even with high shrink factors of up to 75%. Real Substrate Proof boasts an extensive color gamut, faithfully reproducing spot colors and overprints using spectral color definitions.

Real Substrate Proof: Mastering Metal Printing

Join us as we explore the complexities of 3P metal printing and unveil the game-changing capabilities of Real Substrate Proofing. In this episode, we dive deep into the challenges of metal printing and demonstrate how our cutting-edge technology offers unmatched solutions.

Real Substrate Proof: Perfecting Carton Printing

Let's explore the intricate world of carton printing with our Real Substrate Proofing system. Learn more about the diverse challenges of carton printing, from sustainable packaging trends to intricate finishing effects.
Are you producing on a special stock and want to ensure the system works with your substrate?
The details

Real Substrate Proof, available exclusively from CGS ORIS, is a truly revolutionary approach to creating proofs, samples and mock-ups for packaging using the final target substrate, an approach previously not possible. Traditional proofing involves the use of expensive, specialized substrates that lack the true final appearance of the package. Real Substrate Proof, part of the Flex Pack Solution developed jointly with Mutoh, includes:

  • Mutoh VJ-628MP or VJ-1628MH printer
  • A compact footprint that fits in even the most space-constrained operations
  • Best-in-class print quality
  • Exclusive water-based resin inks in CMYK plus orange, green, blue and white with good adhesion on almost any surface
  • A huge color gamut covering 97% of Pantone colors
  • Odorless
  • High flexibility

Our multi-resin inks feature excellent adhesion and unique stretching and shrinking properties, enabling printing directly to shrink sleeves and other thin films as well as corrugated boards, metal, uncoated label stock, folding carton and more.

Printing directly to shrink sleeves offers a unique solution whereby brand owners can shrink the film onto the target packaging to validate accurate distortion of the artwork in advance of production. This is not possible with traditional proofing and prototyping solutions.

Packaging proofs made perfect!

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